2014: KRG A Year in Crisis

Date: January 30, 2015, Venue: Jiyan Hotel, Duhok

The OTT conference 2014 KRG Year in Crisishas attempted to reveal some of the meanings that the crisis of the year 2014 had for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Heated discussions brought different points of view, from government, parliament and policy practitioners, to researchers and civil society.

We can not save the world in a day, but at least we can try understanding the meanings that the world has for us and for our mates.

An intense exchange of ideas touched upon survival issues that the region has been dealing for decades, up to social and political problems posed by the war with the Islamic State.
Local, regional and international perspectives, made us agree that we need to cooperate on a common view for our future and contribute towards building a tolerant and open society.Open Think Tank is grateful to all the panelists present at the Conference 2014 KRG Year in Crisisheld on January 30, 2015:
Mr. Farhad Atrushi (Governor of Duhok Province); Dr. Bakhtiyar Ahmed (Board Member of OPEN); Dr. Nezar Asmat, DG of Duhok Health; Dr. Sardar Aziz (Cosultant to Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament); Dr. Farsat Sofi (MP of Kurdistan Parliament); Mr. Bewar Ahmed (Board Member of OPEN); Dr. Saeid Khodeda (Universty of Duhok); Dr. Angela Movileanu (Founding Member of OPEN); Mohammedali Taha (Founding Member OPEN); Dr. Abdulla Jasim (Board Member of OPEN); Dr. Faruk Ismael (Board Member of OPEN); Dr. Hushyar Suleiman (Board Member of OPEN).